The Studio

Location: Los Feliz

The studio is located right in the heart of Los Angeles, in the artist-friendly neighborhood of Los Feliz. You'll be training just south of Griffith Park and the Greek Theatre, and just a few blocks east of everything Hollywood. There is building parking for studio members, and residential street parking outside of that.

The Program: Meisner for Film and Television

Our Meisner Instruction is systematic and comprehensive, but isn't limited to technique study only. Our goal is to build and develop working actors in all performance industries from stage to film to commercials, television, stand-up comedy, opera, and dance.  So our 2-year Meisner Program and Advanced Program are designed for working actors' schedules and needs.

Beyond the traditional Meisner Technique, our program covers

  • Actor branding and marketing - learn to understand your "type" and what truly makes your package unique and irreplaceable in Hollywood

  • Audition and On-Set Professionalism and Etiquette - learn how to walk into the room, how to make the kind of impression that gets you called in again and again

  • Meisner Technique for Comedy and Sitcom - many studios focus solely on dramatic acting scenes and scenarios, but so much work is comedic. Get a leg up by learning how to apply the emotional honesty and depth of the Meisner Technique to bring layers to a comedic scene and situation

  • Audition Monologue Preparation - leave the program with two quality contemporary monologues you can bring into any agent's office 

  • Script/Scene Breakdown Techniques - it's always in the writing. Learn to breakdown a script even in a cold reading environment, so your performances will always be layered and consistent without being forced or phony

  • Voice Work and Technique - strengthen your voice quality and projection without straining your muscles, develop a professional grasp of modern and stylized language from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams to Edward Albee to compete with the most traditional trained stage and academy actors

Class Environment

Upon starting with the studio you will immediately study directly from head coach Wayne Dvorak. No need to "climb up" levels to study from him, he begins work directly with all students.

Class sizes are typically no more than 12 students, and you will have the opportunity to perform every class session. Attention is very individualized and focused. These same students will progress through the 2-year program with you, as well as being your scene partners and rehearsal partners, allowing for a unique camaraderie with fellow actors.

Additionally, the studio is set up like a sound stage to give actors the feeling of being on a television or film set as well as to help them adjust the size of their performance to the needs of the room - from a stage to an office interview to close-up camera work.


1949 Hillhurst Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Tel: 323-462-5328

Office Hours: 3 PM - 6 PM, weekdays

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