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Wayne's Recommendations of the Week

You know what's coming next... Wayne Dvorak's personal picks from the deep vaults of Hollywood classics up to the most recent docudrama miniseries available on HBO! This week we have...

The Catcher was a Spy

Paul Rudd shows a complete transformation from his most common roles. General the best actor for a lovable goofy character, he shows his chops as a leading man in a drama. It's an example of a successful departure from "type" and a choice of script aimed at building on recent career momentum.


This show shouldn't need Wayne's recommendation for you to watch it. When a show wins as many awards, impresses as many critics, and builds as much buzz as this one has, you should already be making a mental note to see what the fuss is all about.

Long story short, it is simply a genius show. But also, it's a show with non-traditional sitcom humor compared to most cable network sitcoms. When the industry isn't telling the stories you want, or writing the characters you want, then write them yourself. Recent television successes have shown us that sometimes, we have to take the risks that the industry seems hesitant to try. So don't wait for someone to "give" you permission to succeed. Make your own opportunities where you can.


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