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Wayne's Recommendations of the Week - 2

Another week, another batch of recommendations of films old and new to take note of as an actor. After all, it's already spring, and the town slows down in the summer. So he's some more excellent films and performances by top quality actors to keep in mind as you develop your own craft.


This is a fascinating film opportunity for both of these actors, because it gave them both a chance to play a huge lead in a way that is slightly outside of "type." Alfred Molina often is recognized as an incredibly talented character actor who can carry a film, but he's rarely given the chance to be a romantic leading man in a film. Conversely, for many years, Salma Hayek was often cast in roles that showcased her beautiful, striking looks but don't always have layered character complexity.

But truly, one of the standout characters of this film was the soundtrack. As actors, we often focus on our performance and the writing of the script as the "make or break" of a successful film. But other creative and technical aspects-film score composition, editing, photography-are just as crucial in building a film that leaves a lasting impression.

The Atomic Blonde

Charlize Theron is always a great career to track for women who seek a longer and more varied career, and in the case of The Atomic Blonde her standout work in training her body is something that really paid off. Charlize studied ballet for at least 10 years, and (as this film shows almost to an indulgent extent) she can kick ass with the best of them. And yes, she did many of the films stunts herself.

Dance training is highly recommended for all actors and actresses, even if you never intend to be a 'dancer.' After all, your body is your instrument, and if you don't understand the ins-and-outs of how you carry yourself, how you move in space, how you feel comfortable in your own skin, it's time to find a physical program that allows you to explore that. The Alexander Technique has its basis in removing harmfully and externally derived tensions in the way we carry ourselves and move through space, and then allows us to rebuild physical habits mindfully. Likewise Yoga practice, especially with a balanced combination of Yang and Yin classes, serves a similar opportunity for many. Ballroom, modern, ballet, belly dancing, hip hop, etc all serve to help us find our natural movements and ground ourselves in our body. TL;DR: round out your acting training with dance classes (or anything physical, mindful, and rhythmic in training).

The Danish Girl

It's not everyday you get the chance to tackle a script with historical importance. Now, while it's not a great idea to have an actor portraying a pivotal historical figure from an underrepresented community, it is wonderful to see films starting to incorporate stories starring characters who wouldn't have been the heroine 20 years ago. When you're following scripts and developing your taste in projects, it's a good idea to keep an eye out for something truly new. A story that features new voices or new interpretations. A story that breaks the mold of how we portray the world in media.

And for those who already study Meisner, this role is an excellent example of Level 5 Meisner Exercises at work...


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