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Mr. Dvorak welcomes your call! Phone is the preferred method of communication by the studio, by phone you will get the fastest response and a direct response from the teacher himself. You can also the contact form below or email, but may receive a response less immediately than if you reached out by phone.


If you are interested in auditing a class, or have more questions for Mr. Dvorak about the programs, please call 323-462-5328 between the hours of 3 PM - 6 PM on weekdays. Otherwise, leave a message and Mr. Dvorak will get back to you during the office's hours.

Visiting the Studio: The Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio is located in a small complex of shops on Hillhurst in Los Feliz. From the street, you will see several shops including the Carol Young Design Studio, Liza Shtromberg Jewelry, and signs for Mind-Body Fitness Pilates Studio. We are located behind the Carol Young Design Studio, there is an entry way to all shops behind a vine-covered fence with seating areas.


Parking: There is neighborhood parking available in the streets immediately around the area (always check signs for limitations, there are some fairly unrestricted areas with multi-hour parking available in the evenings) and metered street parking available on Hillhurst. Student parking options are discussed on the first day of class.


  • How many people do you accept in your classes?


The typical class size is 12 or under. Sometimes for the Professional Level class Mr. Dvorak will go up to 14. But he usually doesn't have more than 40 students total in all classes at a time. His instruction is individualized and tailored to each student, and every student performs at least once every class session, so the class sizes must necessarily be smaller to give proper attention to each student.

  • I've already had Meisner training before but would like to continue, what program should I apply for?


As not all Meisner programs are tailored for film/TV work, and not all Meisner training is the equivalent of the full 2-year program, considerations of advanced placement within the programs are at the discretion of Mr. Dvorak. In the case that you have had real or substantial Meisner training before this, please contact Mr. Dvorak directly to set up an interview to discuss your prior experience and training.

  • I have no prior acting experience, can I apply? Do you have any age requirements?


Serious and motivated beginners will be considered for the program after an interview with Mr. Dvorak. Meisner Technique works on actors of all levels of experience, and there are even benefits to entering the program a beginner with no preconceived notions of "acting" technique.  However, this program is a serious studio commitment that will prepare you to enter the industry as a professional. If you are a beginner still unsure if acting is the right career choice for you, we don't recommend this program at this time.

The only age limitation is that the studio does not accept children. Otherwise the studio is open to all ages of adults and experience levels. We have working actors with agents, actors returning after a professional hiatus, beginners, professionals transitioning from other performance industries to acting, professional actors transitioning from other cities to Los Angeles, students looking to transition to the professional world, etc. You don't have to be a "beautiful 20-something up-and-comer" to have something great to offer the industry.

  • Do you provide visas for international students?


At this time, the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio does not provide visas for international students, though Mr. Dvorak has worked with many students of international backgrounds who have made the transition to living in LA full-time.

  • What if I am only in LA part-time or live outside of LA proper, can I still be considered for the program?


You must be a full-time resident of the LA area to be considered for this program. The Meisner technique is such that each level builds on your previous work, so missing classes for an extended period of time makes you unable to progress in ability with the rest of your class. In the experience of the studio, with very few exceptions, the class and rehearsal schedule is too strenuous for actors located outside of the LA area to be able to commit to. In the case that you live full-time in one of the suburbs or areas surrounding LA and would still like to be considered for the program, please contact Mr. Dvorak for an interview.

  • Do you teach a shorter version of the Full Meisner Program?


At this time, the Wayne Dvorak Acting Studio does not. We understand the trend is to teach 4-6 week workshops and programs selling you "success in Hollywood." Mr. Dvorak does not want to "sell an easy fix" as no such things exist. Having been a working actor for years in both stage and screen, he understands that being a working actor is a lifelong commitment-it is a marathon to success, not a sprint. He is not interested in shortening the Meisner program, as that would essentially cheapen the quality of training given to each actor.


Yes, it is hard as an actor to think ahead farther than a few weeks, and a studio commitment can seem overwhelming. But actors are like professional athletes or musicians, we should always be honing our craft and working our muscles regardless of how many jobs we are already booking. We must be ready to handle bigger and better opportunities before they have been offered to us. Many of your early acting jobs in LA will hardly use your full performance capabilities. So it's important to have a space where you can practice and perform the challenging material you want to be doing next.

If you are still concerned about the schedule, please contact Mr. Dvorak directly to discuss in an interview. Most of his students are working actors who book and audition alongside managing additional day jobs, he may have recommendations on how to manage your commitments.

  • Why do you have students rehearse outside of class time?


The Meisner Technique largely focuses on the relationship and connection between actors, which cannot be developed outside of frequent practice interacting with other actors. Additionally, the Meisner Technique breaks down a lot of defense mechanisms we have to cover our emotional instincts; this takes time and practice to "unlearn" years of subconscious manipulations.

Basically, it comes down to this: what you do on your own is how you will maintain your own abilities as an actor when you are working without a coach.  Mr. Dvorak examines your work in class in part as a reflection on your work at home, to see if he can help improve your self-training abilities to help you become a more independent and capable actor. Without rehearsals, he cannot see how you are developing and your progress through the levels will be slowed.

You came here to act. So do it. As often as you can.

  • How can I audit a class?

Contact Mr. Dvorak by phone to schedule an audit. All audits are free, and come with a brief interview prior to the audit. There may be elements of the class you can participate in and there may be time afterwards to ask any questions that arose during the audit.


1949 Hillhurst Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90027


Tel: 323-462-5328

Office Hours: 3 PM - 6 PM, weekdays

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